offering refreshing instant tea premix, instant coffee premix, green tea, herbal tea, wheat grass and many more at nominal prices...

About Our Company!

Vardhman Foods and Beverages is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premixes (3 in 1) to the Beverage industry. The facilities are based outside Nalbari, North-East India. The factory has the production capacity of over 800MT. The company has the vast knowledge of manufacturing instant premixes; more than a decade now. A wide range of premix (3 in 1) is manufactured including Tea & coffee premixes. Although capable of manufacturing more than 800 MT premixes, expansion plans are presently being considered. Product quality is paramount to our business. We guarantee consistency by controlling the sourcing of raw materials from all over India & abroad, through to dispatch of the finished product to our customers. An ISO (HACCP 22000:2005) certified company with the international lab facilities. Product quality is of utmost importance to the business and NAUCERA adheres to all the statutory requirements. The combination of an expert technical team and pilot plants in Assam enables us to undertake new product development work for our clients on a variety of scales from multigram through to full scale commercial runs.

We can custom make products to suite your needs.



Every day, we go to work hoping to do two things: share knowledge with our team and help our customers work and produce better for their respective organizations ensuring uninterrupted supply of hot & cold beverages. The company is situated in prime location of ASSAM, India. NAUCERA offers the finest beverages from the well known state ASSAM,INDIA. The name, inspired by NEW- GENERATION to win young generation hearts, evoked the romance and passion to grow our business. From the beginning, NAUCERA set out to be a different kind of brand and company. We want to fuel the hard work of our customers with our stimulants coffee and tea increasing their productivity resulting in their future. And there comes the coining of our tag line A NEW GENERATION DRINK This brought a feeling of connection to our customers with their future when they sip our beverages.

Vision Statement:

  • To become integral part of majority of human beings globally.

  • To be renowned globally.

  • To become the India’s top 3 brands in beverages industry by 2020.

Mission Statement:

  • To become one of most trusted brands in consumers mind and very importantly in consumer’s heart.

  • To offer best value proposition to company employees and customers.


Address:  707, N.T. Road, Nalbari- 781335 (Assam)                 India

Email:      vardhmanbeverages@gmail.com

Phone:     +91-91270-64580


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